Year 3, Semester 1, Class Review, Part 2.

The other half of this semester's classes...

(Clinical) Nutrition - I've always loved nutrition and this class is no exception.  So far I'd say it's not as good as last year's game-changing learning experience, but it's still very enjoyable. We are given cases to work on (so many cases this year!) and we do a lot of reading from our hefty textbook.  This class is so material dense that we actually have two textbooks that we have to lug to class each time. By the way, if you think nutrition = diet, you are very wrong. Contrary to common belief, we don't even talk about food during nutrition class. In fact, the class is very, very medical, but more on that tomorrow...

Physical Medicine - I already talked about this class here. Lots of material, but interesting stuff.

Radiology - The whole class is spent looking at X-rays. Enough said. Oh, and the prof is a funny guy too.

TCM/Acupuncture 3 - TCM is so much fun! It's been less than a month of classes and I've already learned so many cool techniques, like a form of acupuncture using heat only (no needles), different ways of inserting a needle (surprisingly there are tons of insertion techniques, way more than just 'poke needle into patient'), how to reduce the appearance of scars with acupuncture, and acupuncture for additions management.

Homeopathy 3 -Live patient intakes in class and then a whole lot of homework. That's it.  While I don't like homeopathy, I like seeing the doctors perform thorough patient intakes before my eyes.

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