Cold Weather Protocol.

Here are some tid-bits to maximize your health as we enter the colder months of the year:

Vitamin C - now is the time to boost the immune system. Consider eating more vitamin C rich foods or tablets/capsules. Learn more about this vitamin here. When buying vitamin C, beware of ones containing artifical sweeteners or dyes, such as aspartame or sucralose. One cool product on the market is Emergen-C electrolyte powder packages. They are basically powdered vitamins and electrolytes that you can mix with water to create a sports-drink type of beverage.  The packets are portable so you can instantly turn any water into a vitamin-rich cocktail. Talk to your doctor about the best vitamin D dose for you.

Vitamin D - behold the sunshine vitamin! Learn more about it here. Take this vitamin from October until April to beat Winter blues, decrease your risk of cancer, and to optimize the immune system.  Talk to your doctor about the best vitamin D dose for you.

Scarves - I've already talked about their importance here (Physical Medicine theory) and here (Traditional Chinese Medicine theory).  Don't forget to wash them periodically during the  colder months to remove any pathogens that may have taken up camp.

Warming foods - goodbye salads, hello soups and stews! The warmer the food, the easier it is to digest and the more nourishing it is to the body this time of year. When our body spends time digesting, it has less time to spend repairing.

Hot tea - drink it up! We may not crave cold glasses of water or other beverages now that it is no longer hot, but keeping the body hydrated is super important all year wrong. Switch ice cubes for herbal tea bags. Bonus: herbal teas have many medicinal properties too!

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