N > M

Love this picture, but don't remember where I got it...

My Nutrition professor said "...you're all going to be NDs, that's one letter better than MDs!"  Ha ha.  

In all seriousness, we NDs get along quite well with MDs.  It's just not true that we are anti-MDs!  In the perfect medical world, we'd work hand in hand, offering a "whole health" package for patients, with the NDs handling some health concerns, while the MDs tackle others.  We are miles and miles away from this dreamy-sounding medical situation, but it's happening, slowly but surely.

On the topic of NDs differing from MDs, check out this article (written by an ND), published in the Huffington Post.  I think it is a great summary of what it takes to become and ND and what we can offer our patients.  I'd love it you could read it. You can find it here

If you are feeling really keen, you can also read this similar article (also explaining what we do, in a nutshell) found here


  1. I read the articles -they are great, and now I am printing them as I actually get asked a lot, "what is an ND? How do they work in comparison to a GP?"


  2. But letters are generally assigned value such that coming earlier in the alphabet is better; A+ is the best mark in school and grade A beef is the tenderest...


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