Becca's Blogging

We had a whole class on blogging last week in my Practice Management (aka Business) class. Ever since, I've felt the need to re-visit my reasons for blogging (note: I've talked my reasons for blogging once before here).

An quick overview of Becca's blogging:

- I don't blog for money, to gain readership, or to attract patients. I blog for me. Just trying to document my time at CCNM (the classes and the chaos, the food and the fun). I started the blog also as a means of communicating with family and friends. Did you know that my grandfather is my blog's number one fan? He never misses a post!
- I don't follow blogging "rules". Apparently I break almost all the "good blogging rules" ha, ha. Things like: always include a picture, post at the same time daily, post a picture of yourself on the blog, promote your posts on Facebook and Twitter, only post on a white background with black font, etc. 
- I don't spend hours editing and formatting my posts. They are quick and dirty!  Sorry for the spelling errors and super sloppy writing at times. I'm not an author, just a student trying to quickly document the cool things I am doing and learning about. 
- Despite not being a 'proper blog', my blog actually has quite a large (and totally unintended readership), for which I am thankful. In fact, have more views per day than one of my classmates who tries really hard to get readers. So for whatever reason you read Navigating Naturopathy, thanks and I hope you continue to read as I work towards my ND! 

I took this picture in a computer repair store. What a fitting image for a blogging med student. 


  1. I'm glad you blog - not only do I learn but it is a quick way for me to check in on you too ;)

    xoxox momma of becca

  2. Grammie LOVES reading your blogs. I learn a lot from it .Grandad always wants the first read .XO XO G and G.


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