Brrrrr and Babies.

Today I dug out my Winter jacket and made myself a mug of Gingerbread tea.  It felt a bit early, but it is November. I guess it is an appropriate time to start wearing Winter gear, especially since the temperature today was only 2*C. Brr, 'tis the season for warm outerwear! Anyone start listening to holiday music yet?

In my Clinical Nutrition class last week, we talked a ton about vitamin C.  One super interesting tid-bit taken from the class was that some incidents of Shaken Baby Syndrome are not necessarily due to child abuse, but are hypothesized to be due to a deficiency in vitamin C.  You can read some research on the topic here. It's obviously a very controversial hypothesis; nonetheless it was an interesting topic to have discussed in class.  

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  1. like mother like daughter....my gingerbread herbal tea is "Four O'Clock"brand and delicious :)



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