Three Hmm thoughts today:

1) People are disturbed not by things, but by the views which they take of them. --- Epictetus. Hmm, I do suppose that we are often our worst enemy.  Our own negative thoughts are most often what cause us the most mental turmoil

2) What do you think of the statement: in therapy, there are no good answers, only good questions. Hmm, I think I agree, because if question are asked that spark the discovery of brand new thoughts, particularly those that you never knew you had, then the questions were better than the answers themselves. 

3) On one of my favorite blogs, Oh She Glows, a giveaway for a blender was recently featured. In order to enter the giveaway, you had to leave in her comments' section a piece of advice that you’d give to your younger self. Hmm, what advice to give...? Although I have many pieces of advice to give younger Becca, the one piece of advice that I ended up posting on her blog was:

When in doubt, just go to bed
A good sleep wipes away many ‘bad’ thoughts. I would tell her that many heated emotions, self-doubts, and tears would be put to rest (literally) if she had just gone to bed rather than staying up fretting. Sometimes we just need to ‘sleep on it’ and things suddenly become clearer and calmer in the morning.

Any Hmm thoughts lingering on your mind lately? 


  1. Caused by the Epictetus reference (he's my bro):

    Despite loving the principles and beliefs of Stoicism, if I were to truly call myself a Stoic, I would have to remove all feeling. I don't want to do that, but because I still admire and follow their ways of thinking, does that not put me on the same level as the majority of Religious followers? Hmm. In reality are all "followers" simply fans?
    They don't live it to the book, but it's their preference?
    What's wrong with the world?


  2. Hey it's Mom - you guys are wayyyy toooo deep - I say: "slow done, sip, this is true life".

    Now where did I get that quote from?

    Love to both,


  3. I like your advice, though I would never give it to myself. I think when I feel down I'm tempted to sleep too much, almost like how some people suffering depression use excessive sleeping as an 'out'. I would be too likely to say, 'this exam studying is so stressful... I'm just going to sleep instead.' Haha.

    1. @mcc1134 - thanks for your take on my advice. Going to bed worked for me, but I can see how it wouldn't work for others.

      @Dinkum - thanks for your philosophical insight :P


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