Beer Boobies and Bellies

Mmm, beer! Steam Whistle Beer is Toronto's favorite brew. 

I mentioned not too long ago that beer has an estrogenic effect and since estrogen is predominately a female sex hormone, beer may not be the best alcoholic beverage for men. How does the estrogen in beer affect males? Well, when beer is over-consumed (drunk in excess), it may cause gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a condition in which the breast tissue in men enlarges. The estrogen content of the beer can stimulate the estrogen-sensitive breast tissue, causing it to proliferate. So a man who drinks way too much beer may develop "beer boobies".

In addition to beer boobies, drinking way too much beer can also cause a man to develop a "beer belly". The mechanism of action behind a beer belly is quite simple: beer is high in calories, when we consume calories in excess they ares converted into fat, and in men, fat prefers to deposit in the abdominal region (in women, fat likes to deposit in the hips and butt regions, but in reality everywhere on the body is fair game for fat dumping, lol).


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    "Beer appears to have absolutely nothing to do with the so-called beer gut.


    Now obviously beer has calories, so a huge intake will contribute to weight gain (especially since you tend to take very little exercise when you're constantly bombed). But even then, it's nothing more than what, say, a strict bacon sandwich diet would do to you -- any excess calories can lead to weight gain. And that weight may or may not settle right on your belly, depending on whether you're genetically predisposed to it.

    That's right: There's a beer belly gene. People get fat in different ways, and abdominal obesity is just one of the many interesting fat-storing shapes that the human body can sculpt itself into if said human body doesn't take care of itself. So if you have the gene, you'll wind up having a pot belly eventually, regardless of your actual alcohol consumption. Unless, that is, you maintain a strict diet and exercise regimen for your entire life, but who the hell does that?

    But if that's the case, then where did this fictional correlation between big bellies and beer drinking come from? One possible culprit is cirrhosis, a liver disease of chronic alcoholics that involves the swelling of the abdomen into that familiar beach ball shape. We guess somebody decided that calling it a "beer gut" instead of "organ failure" was less of a buzzkill at family reunions."

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