Setting Intentions & Giving Gratitude

More de-stressing and mood boosting mental exercises today. These are also courtesy of my clinic intern!

Exercise 1: Start your day off right by setting intentions

Set the tone of your day by setting your day's intentions when you wake up in the morning. Right when you wake up, while you are snoozing and procrastinating getting out of bed, think about what kind of day you want to have. Set your intentions by defining the type of day you want to have. Will it be an active day? A stress-less day? A fun-loving day? A motivated day? A family-focused day? Etc, etc...

Exercise 2: Sleep better after giving gratitude

You may improve your sleep if you make happy thoughts be the last thing you think about before falling asleep. Achieve these happy thoughts by giving gratitude while lying in bed at night. You can give gratitude by answering these questions: What made you smile? What are you thankful for? What  about today made you proud? What did you do well? Etc, etc...

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  1. We Christians call this nightly gratitude giving-- saying our prayers. ;)


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