Delusions, Hallucinations, and Illusions

Delusiona fixed false belief. Despite evidence that states otherwise, the delusion is upheld. 

Hallucinationa sensory experience in the absence of a stimulus. You think you saw something, but your eyes didn't actually see anything. I saw a cat in the bathroom... but there definitely wasn't a cat there. 

Illusion: a stimulus is present but the sensory experience is misperceived. You saw a cat in the corner of your eye, but you perceived the sensation (the cat) as something else (a monster!).

An example of an illusion. Is this an picture of two faces or a vase? Source

Reality testing: a way to test the level of awareness that a person's hallucination, delusion or illusion is understood to be misperceptions or misinterpretations. Are you aware that you are delusional, hallucinating, or seeing an illusion, or do you think that everything is 'real'? 

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