How Romantic!

Did you know that since I started at CCNM in 2010 (September), that I have written SEVENTY exams? Wow, wow, and more wow!  Thanks to my classmate T for counting.

Yesterday we wrote our last exam, Radiology and Advanced Imaging Techniques, and boy, what a way to end an exam period! This was, by far, the funnest (not a real word, I know) exam that I have ever written at CCNM! We all sat in the pitch dark; the examination theatre's lights were turned off so that we could best see the images that were projected onto the screen in the front of the theatre. A series of eleven images were then shown on the screen, with each image pausing for four minutes before moving onto the next. This reel of images then cycled through once more. We were all given an exam sheet with exactly eleven pages; one page per image. Each page featured a series of short answer and multiple choice questions  that (for the most part) pertained to the corresponding image shown on the screen. Oh, and because the room was dark, we were each allowed to bring a light source to help us see our individual exam. It was quite the romantic exam: a pitch black room, filled with approximately one-hundred and forty glowing students. We were glowing thanks to our light-source of choice (candles, flashlights, mini lamps, and even a string of Xmas lights were used), but we were also likely glowing because we knew that relaxation, family, and fun were jjjuuuussstttt around the corner!

P.S. I didn't post last night because I was off celebrating the end of exams (and also my birthday gone by) by attending the opening night of the Nutcracker Ballet! It was absolutely lovely and I am so very lucky to have been able to attend it.

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