New Classes!

So what's new for year three, semester two? Here is a brief overview of my new classes:

This is supposed to be a stack of books. lol

Integrative Therapeutics: this is basically this is my "treatment" class. We discuss the main naturopathic treatments for the most common health concerns. Lots of research reviewing in this class. Who says that naturopathic doctors don't use evidence-based medicine (EBM)? So not true!

In Office Procedures (IOP): minor medical procedures are taught in this class. Like blood draws (phlebotomy), vitamin B12 injections, administering intravenous (IV) therapy, minor skin surgery, etc.

Pediatrics: the class all about treating patients aged newborn to teenager.

Manipulation: we learn to manipulate the spine and other bones in the body to re-position realign bones in the body use hands thrusting techniques.

Maternal and Newborn Care: the class all about pregnancy, birth, and the first year of life.

Emergency Medicine: how to handle emergencies as a health care provider. Everything from fainting to head trauma to tackling major skin wounds.

Clinic 3: I am now in the school's teaching clinic (the RSNC) for one shift a week! This program/class is designed to help bridge the gap between classroom studies and our full-time clinical rotation that begins in May.

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