Ten in Ten

It's been ten days of third-year, semester two, Winter classes. What's happened in those ten days? Quite a bit! School and life have been busy, but I am loving it. It's the last time that I can be a student in a classroom setting so I am trying to soak it up!

Ten things that have happened in the last ten days of school:

1) I attended the most gourmet potluck of my life after class to celebrate my friend C's birthday. There weren't any boring veggie trays or chips + dip at this potluck! Instead there was homemade gourmet salsa, sushi, edamame, sweet potato falafels, pomegranate salad, lentil dahl, roasted chicken, veggie stew, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, and a blueberry-banana cake. 

2) I learned how to draw blood from a vein. Phlebotomies are cool! 

3) I started volunteering at a raw chocolate company in Toronto. They 'pay' their volunteers in chocolate. How awesome is that? Their vanilla chocolate is divine. 

4) I was the Scribe (i.e. note taker and case write-up compiler) in a disc herniation case in my Primary Care class. 

5) I preformed my first spinal adjustment/manipulation. I also had some done on me by my classmates. 

6) I had my first clinic shift (fun, scary, exciting, and tiring because it made for a 12+ hour day). 

7) Attended my first pediatric appointment (I need to attend one to gather information to write a paper on the experience for my Pediatrics class). 

8) Got 90% of the work done for Women's Health Week (a week of events taking place in March at CCNM; I am the primary coordinator for the week). 

9) Attended CCNM's Annual Suppliers Show at which I got to talk to some of my favorite supplement companies. 

10) Helped a friend by helping out at the business class I took way back in first year. Just sitting in on one of these classes got my all fired-up for creating my own future practice! 


  1. Raw chocolate company - this is news ;)


  2. Busy--so so busy. I tire just thinking of you. But Wow! Fun! Mama M


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