My Favorite Blogs

One of the reasons I started blogging was because I was obsessed with reading blogs myself. When you read them daily for four years (throughout my entire undergrad), one day you'll wake up and suddenly get the urge the create one yourself! Starting at CCNM also gave me something to blog about, so I launched my wee blog at the start of my ND program (September 2010).

While there are thousands (millions?) of blogs out there, I've come to love only a handful. Most of these blogs I read everyday; never missing a post! Obviously the ones listed below are tailored to my interests, so you may not find them as addictive as I do. Nevertheless, check them out! It's hard to tell which blogs will "stick" with you. I didn't think I'd be reading some of these blogs as long as I have been, but there is evidently something special about them that keeps me coming back for more. Maybe you'll find that "something" in one of these blogs too!

Healthy Eating, Creative Cooking & Baking, Nutrition

Oh She Glows - awesome vegan recipes and adorable writing
Healthful Pursuit - specializing in allergen friendly receipes
Nourishing Meals - heavily focused on nutrition
Edible Perspective - lots of creative gluten-free recipes
Elana's Pantry - paleo-focused recipes

Lifestyle (and Healthy Eating)

Kath Eats Real Food - there is a little of everything on this blog, my favorite

Comedy (and Creative Cooking & Baking)

How Sweet It Is - hilarious writing and gourmet recipes

Naturopathic Medicine (and Healthy Eating)

Healthy Green Kitchen - a naturopathic doctor turned food blogger
Art and Practice - fellow CCNMer
Rhythm and Harmony - fellow CCNMer
Whole Life Health - fellow CCNMer
80twenty - fellow CCNMer

Comedy and Philosophy

XKCD - not really a blog, but nerdy comics
My Anxiety - not really a blog, but a tumbler account of comics devoted to tackling anxiety
Friend for the Ride - I rarely read this blog, but I will recommend it to all my menopausal patients!

House Renovations and Crafts 

Young House Love - I don't read this one very often, but it is great when I want some home/craft/DIY inspiration.

For the Writing (and Creative Cooking & Baking)

Gluten-Free Goddess - the writing on this blog is unreal, super poetic, plus gluten-free delights

Hmm, now which ones am I forgetting?


  1. Thanks for the list,I know who my two favouritebloggers are ;)and thanks for turning me on to the blog,"Friend for the Ride"!

    To Amy's readers who may be older like me(I'm Amy's Mom) Friend for the Ride is a great blog for us more mature girls because as Amy said, the blogger covers Menopause as well as other things relating to us older gals.

    An interesting tidbit is that the author is the Mom of Amy's favourite blogger!

    Enjoying my reads - Mom xoxo

  2. I came across a new one today that sounded like it might be interesting: I started with this post http://www.nwedible.com/2012/08/tragedy-healthy-eater.html. Check it out!
    As you know I love your blog too! :):):)

  3. Thanks for the Friend for the Ride shout out!Yes, send your older patients my way. And since she's my daughter, Katheats is my favorite too.

    Sad about red velvet cake. I did wonder about all that red!


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