Wireless Wipes

Remember when I talked about gadget hygiene earlier in the month? Well, I recently came across a product specifically designed for cleaning your gadgets and electronics called Wireless Wipes. The product was created after the inventor developed a bad rash. He went to the doctor who said it was a Staph aureus infection. The doctor then proceeded to inquire about his gadget hygiene, saying something like "How often do you clean your cell phone? Don't you know that our cell phones are often dirtier than NYC subway seats!" (The actual story is written on the front of the wipe package).

Apparently, I was on to something when I talked about gadget hygiene. Dirty devices are a problem! While Wireless Wipes are specifically designed to (safely) clean cell phones, e-readers, tablets, laptops, etc, without harming the device, I still don't see the harm in using any sort of cleaning wipe or wash cloth to keep your devices clean.


  1. Where can you purchase them? Great idea!


    1. Not sure... I saw them in a book store? Online? Big box stores? Other book stores?


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