5 Easy Ways to Support Earth Day

The grass is greener on the [out]side! 

1) Download a thirty-day 'green living' challenge here. Lots of great tips for becoming more green in that guide. I recently committed myself to the challenge listed on Day 3. No more dryer sheets. Instead I'm going to be using wool balls that are reusable and made by independent artists. I bought mine off of Etsy

2) Check out EarthDay.ca and look for events happening in your area. There weren't too many events registered for Toronto, which made me sad because over 3 million people live in the city! I thought there would have been tons of events listed. 

3) Commit yourself to a green challenge. EarthDay.org has several pledges you can make here. Easy ones like pledging to recycle E-waste.

4) Seeing as today is Monday, make today a meatless-Monday! Reducing your overall meat consumption is always good for the environment. I'm cooking up some tempeh tonight. 

5) Get outside and enjoy the beautiful Earth we live on! Garden, walk, sit on the deck/patio, bike, etc. Now that is Spring, it's time to soak up the fresh, fragrant, and floral air! 

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