Year 3, Semester 2: Favorite Classes

Now that year 3, semester 2, is over, it's time for a recap! 

Urinalysis dipsticks!
This term, it was all about the little ones. There was a class in Pediatrics and one in Maternal and Newborn Care (two separate classes). I found both of these classes to be super interesting, probably because I know little about pregnancy, new babies, and wee children. I also loved focusing on treatments that were suitable and safe for children and babes. Sure I know the therapeutic dosage of vitamin D for adults, but how do I adjust this dosage for kids, new mothers, and infants?

My third favorite class (if you can consider it a class?) was Clinic 3. This "class" had us in the clinic, working with a fourth-year student, seeing patients, practicing charting, doing physical exams, and working on the treatment plan. It was a great introduction to what will be life come May when I enter the school's clinic full-time. Loved having this "sneak peek".

An honourable mention goes to In Office Procedures. In this class (though it wasn't really a class, more of a tutorial) we learned to draw blood (phlebotomies), inject vitamin B12, test blood glucose levels, and perform skin scrapings, Strep throat swabs, urinalysis, and more. It wan hands-on time to get us comfortable with the in-office procedures that we'll be performing next year and throughout our careers as naturopathic doctors.

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