I Dream of Chickens

File:Coop and run front right.jpg
Chicken Coop Image from Wikipedia

I'm jealous of my friend J who is installing a chicken coop this Summer.

In the future, I definitely want chickens and a coop. I'd take great care of them and would love their company. I suppose you treat them like you would any other pets? Harvesting their eggs would be so much fun too!

The little chicken coop above is absolutely adorable, but I'd need to read more about my county's bylaws regarding chicken housing. Obviously, I have lots of questions before I build my coop: Is the above structure too small? How far from property lines must the chickens be? How much grazing room do they need?

I'd also love to be able to sell my fresh eggs to my patients. Is this even allowed? My parents' neighbor sells eggs on the side of the road... wonder if he ever looked into the legality of it? If I can't sell them, hopefully I can at least give them away!


  1. We'll tell you all about it as we learn! In terms of space the books I've read say 2-4 square feet per chicken indoors and 10+square feet outdoors- although this depends on how much time they spend roaming freely too.

  2. I had Chicken as a cash crop when I was a boy. It was not a good experience and even way back then I ran into red tape WRT being alowed to see the eggs. The whloe venture did not last long and was more work than benifit. Also chicken did not make pets of any sort to me.


  3. I'm afraid the pic is cute because the coop is small, it's on green grass, and there is no chicken. In reality, you'd need more coop space, and the pretty green grass would soon become grey feathery goopy and noisy.

    1. Thanks for your feedback! I obviously have lots to learn.


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