Music to the Madness

In a perfect world, we'd all have lots of down time, meditate, relax more, and be less stressed. But everyone is so busy, go-go-go, and strapped for time. There is little time to kick up your feet and meditate. Recently a patient I saw while shadowing complained of stress and fatigue, but absolutely could not slow down due to family demands and long-work hours. My suggestion to slow down without actually slowing down: play soft music in the background. 

Add some music to your madness!

When life is so busy, you can at least try playing calming, soothing music in the background. Even if physically you aren't on the coach relaxing, a part of your brain will be able to unwind with the soft tunes. Subconsciously  on some brain level, you'll be relaxing with the help of the music.

Music suggestions: audio meditations (may work in some situations), ocean sounds, nature sounds, orchestra music, classical music, or instrumental music.  If none of these examples interest you, then play your favorite music (only music that gets you in your happy place; nothing too upbeat or fast, however). The more calming and soothing the better.

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  1. This could also be good since some kinds of music can help with some kinds of activity.

    I think I heard that learning (and maybe other mental activities?) are promoted by slow-ish music (80 BPM? 120 BPM?). All I remember is that an example of the right kind of music is "baroque". I think the music has to be well-ordered and reasonably complex.

    In any case, if playing music really can shorten the time it takes to get work done, that would free up some time to relax!


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