A New Blogging Schedule!

Now that I've finished up my formal classroom learning and am in the process of transitioning into my new role as a fourth-year intern at the Robert Shad Naturopathic Clinic (the teaching clinic within my school, CCNM), this blog is going to change a little bit. Here is what the future of the blog is going to look like: 

  • Medical Mondays - I'll be talking about about things that are medical, science-y, and nerdy. 
  • Treatment Tuesdays - I'll be discussing my experience as a clinician. These posts will hopefully be helpful for future interns! 
  • Foodie Fridays - I'll be posting a recipe or something related to food. 
  • Summary Saturdays - I'll be reviewing supplements, products, websites, documentaries, and more... all pertaining to health and wellness!

With this new schedule, I'll only be blogging four days a week and my posts will be more organized. This new blogging schedule will be launching on May 20th! See you then!


  1. LOVE IT!!! great names! and love your new pic! sending internet love your way!

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