Summary Saturday 1: Water Bottles

Today we're reviewing and chatting about water bottles.

Toronto's bed of water (pic taken from the Toronto Islands)

- Remember the BPA scare of 2007? Everyone ditched their plastic water bottles (remember good old Nalgene bottles? Boy were they popular, but since that scare I never see them anymore) in favor of stainless steel bottles or glass bottles. However, you can still buy plastic bottles today that claim to be BPA-free, which are good if you worry about glass breaking or the extra weight of these heavier materials. 

- As of late, I've been intrigued by the idea of water bottles that feature filters. You fill the water bottle with tap water, then as the water passes through the spout into your mouth, it passes through a filter that is supposed to remove chlorine, chloramine, and other particles that you don't want to be consuming. Here's one brand and here is another (the later is made of plastic, though is BPA-free plastic). I don't own a filtering water bottle, but I am considering purchasing one when it's time for a new bottle. 

- I'm also a fan of hot and cold water bottles. These bottles are insulated so that you can keep cold water in them or boiling hot water (for tea or coffee) without feeling the water's temperature on the surface of the bottle. Dual purpose! I like have this brand, but many of my classmates use this one. These bottles are perfect for those who like to drink both hot and cold liquids throughout the day (like me!).  

- Also, on the topic of water, check out this cool contraption that allows you to collect rain water into a bottle for drinking! It's a neat design, but I can't see how a regular kitchen funnel wouldn't do the same thing (for cheaper too).  

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  1. L and I have these bottles that we use for both water and tea. They're great! http://www.bubbabrands.com/product_line/classic/


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