Digestion Tip Number Three.

***I posted this on Thursday, November 18, but wasn't happy with it. I edited it and reposted it on Friday, November 19.

Becca's Digestion Tip Number Three: Cook minimally to preserve nutrients.

Best ways to cook:

Sauté in heat-resistant vegetable oils (canola, sunflower, safflower, sesame, or peanut oil) at a low to medium temperature. Steam. Bake. Stir-fry quickly at high temperature (also in a heat-resistant vegetable oil).

Worst ways to cook:

High-fat deep fry (fat heated at high temperatures can mutate into trans-fats). Boil (water soluble vitamin can leech out of into the boiling water). Barbecue (carcinogenic molecules develop on the surface of the food). Microwave (some research suggests that microwaves can create carcinogenic molecules, but the heath effects of microwaves are not well known).

With that said, none of these methods are terrible in moderation. Try cooking food in a variety of waves for better nutrient retention and to give food different textures!


  1. No boil or BBQ = sad PJ & M :(

    OK in moderation.....

    I am confused about high heat and oils such as olive oil. Chefs tend to disagree on if you can or can not heat it to a high temp.

    Can you enlighten us with your perspective. We have recently been cooking with lemon, thyme and chilie flavoured olive oils from italy that are devine and we hope we aren't losing the benefits?


    PJ & M

  2. Yes, everything in moderation! Don't fret PJ and M, I know you don't boil or BBQ too much. Plus, BBQ'ing is not bad if you don't get the "burnt black marks" on your food. That's the bad stuff.

    Chefs may disagree about the olive oil, but maybe they aren't being clear. If you want to cook with it, just don't heat it to a high temperature (keep the pan heat low, then you'll be fine). The healthy properties in olive oil are destroyed at high heats. Maybe the chefs disagree on whether you can cook with olive oil AT ALL, you can, just don't heat it too high. You should also know that you've heated it too high if it changes color.

    The oils do sound divine. Can't wait to try them! :)


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