The TCM Heart.

I haven't talked about Traditional Chinese Medicine in awhile, mostly because I am still not sure how much I understand. I am working really hard to get my head around the material but I am thinking of getting a tutor. Luckily tutors at CCNM at free (fourth-year students volunteer as tutors). I hope that when I am in fourth-year I'll be able to volunteer as a tutor. I tutored during my undergraduate degree and found it to be a very rewarding experience.

The "Heart" in TCM is the controller of the body's shen. I talked about shen before; it is the spirit or personality of the body. The shen resides in the heart. If someone is too anxious, his/her heart may be malfunctioning (note: not his/her Western medicine heart, but their TCM heart). The heart controls menses and blood vessels, so it also controls the rate of pulse. You can detect how the heart is functioning by examining complexion and the very tip of the tongue. The heart affects memory, mental and emotional states, and sleep.

Also, before I sign-off, I want to share a little motto that we like to say here at CCNM:

Doctors treat patients, not diseases.

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