Just For Fun.

I was going to post about things I learned while studying for my Nutrition exam tomorrow, but to be honest, I am fed-up with my Nutrition studying and don't really want to write about it here. So instead, I've posted some fun things that also happen to be somewhat Nutrition related. Somewhat.

- Cilantro: some people love it, others hate it. I am personally a huge fan (it is awesome in this dish), but Tony thinks it tastes like soap. Well, he is not alone. Some of us our genetically more likely to like or hate cilantro. Here is an article explaining the phenomenon. An exert from the article that also explains the soap-like flavor of cilantro: Flavor chemists have found that cilantro aroma is created by a half-dozen or so substances, and most of these are modified fragments of fat molecules called aldehydes. The same or similar aldehydes are also found in soaps and lotions.
So many soap and lotion companies have used cilantro extracts in their products, making everyone think that these gorgeous greens are soap-y, when the truth remains that soaps and lotions are cilantro-y.

- A highly relevant (to the field of naturopathic medicine) quote:
"The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease". --Thomas Edison.

- Did you know that STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS. Ha, ha! Maybe that's why I've been relying on my PB&J cookies and dark chocolate to keep me motivated this week. But too be perfectly honest, I haven't felt that stressed this week (the practical exams are over, remember?). I'm just bored and tired of sitting in my room, day-after-day, staring at a computer. I have decided to take a much needed computer vacation once this week is over.

- Tomorrow, Prince William is getting married. While I don't follow celebrities AT ALL, I feel that it is important to make note of his marriage for when I am old and looking back at these blog posts, I will be reminded of pop culture events that took place while I was young and studying to become a doctor. ...plus, I sometimes tend to get a bit giddy over weddings :D


  1. I used cookies as a study-aid, too!
    On Monday I got together with my study group to prepare for a big exam on Tuesday, and I brought peanut butter cookies. I tried something new, adding cocoa to some of the dough just before baking (After letting the dough sit overnight in the fridge). It was great: The cookies with the cocoa tasted like Reese's Peanutbutter Cups, and were chewier than the non-cocoa ones. Even after riding from my place to the school they were still soft. They went over quite well!

  2. Hooray for study snacks!

    Mmm, Reese's cookies. Sounds delicious, Jimmy. Do you think it was the cocoa powder that kept them so soft? Maybe it held on to moisture, keeping them soft.


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