So long, First-Year Studies.

Well, that was fun :)

First-year is now officially over (wrote my last exam today). Hooray! I am 1/4 a naturopathic doctor. Fingers crossed I passed all of my courses. I am so happy to now have the summer off so I can re-charge my batteries before round two of CCNM classes begins in September.

To be perfectly honest, I don't know when I will post a blog entry next. Might not be a for a day or two. I have spent waaayyy too much time in front of a computer this semester (and during these last two weeks in particular). I want to spend some time away from a computer for a wee bit, then I'll be back to post a summary of the semester.

Thanks again for reading this semester. I love writing blog entries and I am happy to have had the opportunity to chronicle my exciting first-year of medicinal studies. I hope you've enjoyed the blog as much as I have.

Take care 'til I return.


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