Birthday Brother.

Today is my brother's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dinkum!

My brother and I are very close in age, so growing up we spent a lot of time together. We were at an equal age level to play the same games, hang with same neighborhood kids, and take interest in the same current events (Spice Girls and Pokemon, yep we both liked 'em). Even though we had similar childhood preferences, we both developed into adults with very different interests. We are almost polar opposites now: my brother became the artsy one, excelling in art, animation, and film, while I pursued science, loving experiments, the human body, and health.

A couple of years ago, we were different enough that we could live together in peace. We were roomies during our undergraduate years which worked out well because we had different schedules and interests so it was easy to co-habitate. I took reign of the kitchen, while the entertainment room was all his. My schedule had me out-and-about all day long, while he was gone most evenings. Etc, etc.

We had a lot of fun living under the same roof, especially when Tony came to visit :). I wish I could say that our years living together were blissful, but the truth is my undergraduate years were not the best. My brother saw me at my lowest, at a time when I was very stressed, and was dissatisfied with things that were going on at the time. I am sad that he had to witness those years and I fear that his image of me may be forever tainted by those bad times. If only he could see me now on a daily basis...because now I am fun, full of life, and happy. But with bad comes good, because if my brother hadn't been there to see the bad, then he also wouldn't have been there to help me through it. I owe him so much for his support during those years.

Today we are still very different, but I'd like to think that our interests have both shifted towards our siblings'--our 'opposite pole'. My program extends to more than just science. His current interests are a bit statistical and technological. Maybe our interests rubbed off on each other and we are now seeing the effects? Or, maybe our shifts are just due to aging; interests do change over time. In any case, thank you, brother, for being my roommate, my support system, and my artistic influence.


  1. DEAREST BECCA...what a wonderful .wonderful...Blog report about you and your brother.And so accurate.You both are wonderful grandchildren as so are the other six.Grammie is so Blessed...Thank you Becca XOOOXOO

  2. Aw sisterly love! (n_n)<3

  3. Ahhh these words make your Momma's heart swell - I love you both so very much, am extremely proud of the young woman and young man you have become, and I am so happy you two remain close to each other - it's all I could ever ask for :)

    Kisses to Becca & Dinkum - Momma


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