Gluten-Free Bread Guide: Part Three.

The Gluten-Free Bread Guide: Part Three.

 Part three of my gluten-free bread guide. Today I'll talk about thinking outside the loaf.

Three: Outside the loaf
Four: Do it yourself
Five: Let's go alternative

Although bread is doughy, squishy, warming, filling, and comforting... it is not needed for a complete diet.  To speak the truth, you don't need bread at all in your diet to be healthy, and the less bread you eat the better.  The horror! (I know). ...but everyone gets more than enough carbohydrates each day from fruit (all kinds), vegetables (most kinds, and a ton from potatoes and other starchy veg), other grains (rice, quinoa, oats, etc), and of course all the sugar that we North Americans love to devour each day.

According to the Paleo Diet, we should never eat bread because our digestive system is not evolved to eat it (note: I personally think that we as a nation have to stop eating a whole heck of a lot of other bad foods and clean up our diets in other ways, and need not take such drastic measures as the Paleo Diet, but the logic seems sound. Read more about the Paleo Diet here if you are interested).

Anywho, there are lots of other foods that can fill your bread (and gluten) void, such as:

Image source here.
Image source here.
Image source here.

Eat toast for breakfast? How about oatmeal or cereal instead?
Love crackers and cheese? Rice crackers to the rescue. 
Need a roll at dinner? Cornbread or savory muffins.
Like burritos and fajitas?  Fill your Mexican craving with hard shell tacos (made of corn). 
Sandwich fan? Wrap up the ingredients in lettuce wraps, rice paper wraps (think of those that wrap spring rolls), stack toppings between large rice cakes, or gluten-free tortillas (in the frozen section grocery stores).

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