Recap and Challenge.

Recap: Did you enjoy the Health Scenes? It's been a week and thus time to stop. I have many more scenes to show you, so I will likely repeat the week sometime in the future.

Aww nature, how I love thee. Image source here.

Challenge: I would like to invite you all to participate in this exciting new challenge. The David Suzuki Foundation is challenging everyone to commit to spending 30 minutes with nature for the next 30 days. The challenge starts June 1st, giving you a couple of days to plan out your upcoming month in the great outdoors! The website features all kinds of ways to enjoy nature and discusses the importance of finding time for nature (Naturopathic Doctors definitely encourage it for good health!). I am committing to the challenge and plan on spending my days:

- reading in sun
- gardening
- walking in the woods
- exploring parks
- picnics outdoors
- dance in the rain
- play frisbee, soccer, jump rope, and other outdoor activities
- and finding new ways to enjoy nature!

I will post recaps in the month of June detailing my time with nature.  Maybe even throw in a picture or two! Sign up for the challenge here. I'll end today with this inspiration instruction found on the website: Be sure to breathe deeply, feel the sun on your face, take comfort; absorb the wonders of nature bit by bit.

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