Classes, Part Three.

Yesterday, I had to register for my third-year classes.  (Wait, let's back up a sec: YEAR THREE, PEOPLE! Seriously, how exciting is that?!).

The process was unnecessarily painful (arg, CCNM! why must you be so frustrating?!) but thankfully it's done and done.  Here's the low down:  

Fall Semester - No choice here. Just had to register into all of the third-year courses (because I am a full-time student, I just enrolled myself into anything marked year three). Looks like it's going to be very, very similar to second-year.  Same classroom (the lecture theatre), same hours (roughly 8-4 or 9-5 PM each day, save for Fridays (off a wee bit earlier on this day, wahoo!)), and same amount of practicals (about three (?)).

  • Botanical Medicine 3 (going to be the worst.course.ever., or so the upper years have said)
  • Men's & Women's Health
  • Health Psychology 3
  • Primary Care (not sure what this course is about? Sounds serious)
  • Radiology & Advanced Imaging (X-rays!)
  • Practice Management (business, etc)
  • Physical Medicine (not sure what this is about either, but apparently it is hard)
  • Clinical Nutrition 3 (my favorite!)
  • Asian Medicine 3 (theory)
  • Asian Medicine Clinical Applications (acupuncture practicals)
  • Homeopathic Medicine 3

Winter Semester - The only choice here was our clinic shift (one day a week) and when we wanted our acupuncture and manipulation practicals. This choice, however, was very stressful and caused a lot of panic amongst the class.  Sheesh we're a high-strung group of students! Haha. 

  • Continuation of Primary Care, Asian Medicine, and Homeopathy courses, plus...
  • Naturopathic Manipulation 2
  • Pediatrics (babies!)
  • Maternal and Newborn Care (more babies!)
  • Integrated Therapeutics (no idea what this is)
  • Clinic 3 (one shift a week in the clinic, shadowing a fourth-year)
  • In-Office Procedures
  • Emergency Medicine

I am not really worried about the Fall term, but to say that I am nervous for third-year, Winter semester is a huge understatement.  I am pretty sure those four months are going to be some of the most stressful ones in my life.  Third-year, semester two, is known is a "soul crushing" time (real testimony).  There is no mercy during those months: thirteen final exams, ~twenty essays, performing female and male genital exams (on REAL people), OSCE part 3 (the hardest one), performing spinal adjustments (!!!), performing FULL acupuncture treatments, spending real time in the clinic (it'll be scary being in there FOR REAL), etc, etc. *Starts hyperventilating*.

Well, there is no looking back now... 'cause as of yesterday, I'm all registered :D.  Just got to motor-on-through and GET 'ER DONE!


  1. Becca - back in the day, Primary Care was the medical care you receive from a Dr,nurse,etc.
    Basically a health care professional applies diagnosis,counselling,action = care to the patient. A primary caregiver was one of the "team".

    Physical medicine was a therapy, dressings, etc.

    That's years ago in the nursing field - but I think it is probably similar.

    Yea year 3 - it'll be fine ;)

    xoxo Mom

  2. Becca my dear Year three is looking VERY busy ..But guess what if anyone can OUR Becca can..You have done extremely well so far . Gram.


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