Smooth Health.

The benefits of smoothies, 25 reasons to give them a go (in no particular order):

- They make it easier to eat a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables without much effort.  
- They easily conceal greens (add a big handful of spinach to some banana and berries, and you'll never know that there's a veggie in there). 
- They are a way to take supplements (Need fish oil? Throw it in! Flax seeds? They blend well too). 
- They are cool and refreshing, perfect for Summer time!
- They can contain the kitchen-sink (throw whatever you have on hand in the blender, or they can be custom flavored, like Apple Pie, PB&Banana, or ChocolateCoveredCherry flavored-smoothies). 
- The break down the fruits and vegetables into teeny-tiny particles, making nutrient absorption easier. 
- They are portable, great for meals on-the-go.
- Those containing protein powder make the protein more easily absorbable.
- They can be made the night before. 
- They are easily customizable to preferences, nutrition needs, and ingredients on hand. 
- They can be lower calorie for light snacks, or bulked-up for more meal-replacement smoothies.
- They are a heck-of-a-lot tastier and healthier than canned-meal replacement drinks (Ensure, Boost, etc). 
- They don't require a recipe or fancy cooking skills.  They are (almost) fool proof :P
- They are great post-workout, as they make the nutrients needed for muscle/tissue repair easily absorbable. 
- They are inexpensive (buy frozen fruit in bulk, use water instead of milk, add cheap rolled oats for more bulk, and seeds for a protein boost instead of fancier protein powders). 
- They can contain alcohol, for a fun alternative to 'girly drinks' on a Friday night.  
- They are meal-alternatives when sick and when nothing else is stomach-able or palatable.
- They are also meal-alternatives when undergoing medical treatment (chemotherapy, wisdom teeth-removal, etc).
- They are soothing for sore throats. 
- They are customizable to food allergies and sensitivities (easy to make ones that are gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, citrus-free, etc).
- They make good snacks (or light meals) for children, packing-in a lot of nutrition into their growing bodies. 
- There are oodles of smoothie recipes available online if you need inspiration.
- They never get boring because the contents are changeable.
- They can be eaten in a bowl, topped with cereal, granola, or more diced fruit. 
- They can be an alternative to milk

...have I convinced you yet that smoothies (and thus blenders) are a great health investment? ;)

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