Earth Time.

It's the end of Summer, which means it's Earth time!  

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, we are entering the time of year corresponding to the Earth element. As we transition into the new season, you can support your body by: spending as much time outdoors---aka with nature---as possible (soak up the sunny weather before it's gone), start to eat a few more warming foods (stirfrys, casseroles, and chili) while decreasing the amount of cold and raw foods (fewer ice cream cones, salads, and iced coffees), and if you can, eat-up some congee (a rice porridge that support the Spleen and Stomach, the two Earth organs).  I made a batch of congee last night. I can eat it warm during our (suddenly) cooler evenings.  I hate to say it, but I've seen some leaves that have fallen to the ground (gasp!).  Looks like Fall is just around the corner... 
Enjoy the beautiful weather while it's still around!

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  1. You're right - fall is lingering.

    The breeze this evening is very cool :(

    Almost fuzzy sock time!

    xo Mom


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