Today I'm talking about rice, but not the food kind, rather the treatment kind. 
When you sprain*, strain**, pull, or bruise part of your body, the first line of treatment should include RICE. 

R - rest
I - ice
C - compress
E - elevate

Rest to allow healing and to prevent further ailment. Ice to prevent swelling by directing blood away from the injury (though long-term ice treatment draws blood to the area, bringing immune cells, cytokines, and clotting factors to the area to encourage healing... hydrotherapy can be confusing because it always works both ways :P). Compress the injury---using a sports wrap, bandage, or towel--- to prevent pooling of lymphatics. But if the injury starts to throb you may have wrapped it too tight! Elevate, to the level of your heart, also prevent pooling of lymphatics, preventing swelling, and to remove wastes from the injury. If the swelling does not go down with RICE or if the injury does not improve with this treatment, consult your doctor

* Sprain means an injury to a ligaments (the tissue that attaches muscles or tendons to bone)
** Strain means an injury to a muscle or tendon.

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