My Natural Beauty Stash

My bathroom cabinet is pictured above. I took this picture because I wanted to talk about "natural beauty" today and by peeking into my cabinet, you can clearly see what kind of beauty regime I follow. My bathroom cabinet could very well be mistaken for a kitchen cabinet because the majority of the products I put on my face can also be safely consumed. I apply to my body three types of products: those that are certified organic, are generally all-natural and contain clean ingredients, or are made-in-my-own-kitchen-using-regular-ingredients-and-stored-in-recycled-containers.

Here is a breakdown of my "natural beauty" stash 
(moving right to left, top to bottom; starting in the far left, upper corner): 

Little jar of oil with red/white lid - moisturizing face oil (jojoba oil, vitamin E, lavender essential oil)
Little jar of brown powder - dry shampoo (equal parts cocoa powder and cornstarch, recipe courtesy of Talia!)
Small mason jar of brown substance - facial scrub made with cherries and espresso powder (a gift from Elle!)
Orange lidded jar - batch of my homemade deodorant 

Yellow honey pot - homemade body butter (another Talia recipe!)
Little black tub - Lush brand neutral concealer make-up
Organic dusting powder - Physician's Formula organic facial dusting powder
Thorne lipgloss - got this lipbalm as a freebie at the Naturopathic Doctors Ontario convention I went to in November. It's not bad. The flavor is weird and sometimes it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but because it's only made of nourishing oils and was free, so I'll continue to use it :)


  1. Becca, I too share a couple of your contents in my cabinet.
    I am glad you posted about beauty as I have told some ladies about a brown sugar rub you have made me, and about Elle's facial scrub and butter she made us because they are super!
    The roughness from the sugar or coffee is a wonderful exfoliant and the oils soften the skin so remarkably well.
    I encourage Becca to post her recipe and readers to try.

  2. Yeah! These are so great! How awesome!
    Does the dry shampoo actually work? I'm skeptical of that one.

    1. Well it doesn't "wash your hair", but it does soak up grease so you don't have to feel self-conscious as you reduce your hair washing. I only wash my hair twice a week and there are days that it looks a bit gross, so I add the dry shampoo and voila! My hair looks light and clean again. You can change the ratio of corn starch and cocoa powder too so that it matches your natural hair color too. For bright blonds, I'd say use just corn starch.


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