Phew, January is over!

Well, January is officially over.

It was the busiest month that I have ever had at CCNM. You can expect way more blog posts now that February is here because I will certainly now have more free-time. It was a month of challenges, being put on the spot, and testing my "doctor skills". Overall, despite being busy, it was a super fun month!

I am actually loving third-year. It is challenging and fast-paced, but it is very motivating and "real". No more learning the theory behind something... instead we are actually doing that something. When I first started third-year I absolutely dreaded the Winter semester (what I am going through now). However, as I was going through the worst of it (the month of January) I found myself really enjoying the process! I was rarely stressed or worried. I guess my confidence has been built up high enough that I am  actually feeling great about my abilities to "play doctor" and therefore I don't worry or fret about the times when I will have to perform what I've learned in a timed and tested environment. For example, OSCE 3 is coming up and I am not feeling the least bit worried. It is nothing more than another hurdle that I will have to get-over in order to becoming a ND.

January featured...

1) Performing three phlebotomies (aka blood draws from a vein)
2) Being Scribe in Primary Care for a disc hernation case
3) Being Doctor in Primary Care for a positive HIV patient case
4) Performed my first spinal adjustment (and have since done three adjustments a week on my partner)
5) Continued to see patients in Clinic while shadowing a fourth-year intern
6) Attended two pediatric appointments; during one I got to perform a physical exam on a 2-year old. So adorable!
7) Volunteered several times at a chocolate company here in Toronto and also at the naturopathic medicine-geared business class
8) Conducted another Chinese Medicine patient intake and provided treatment regarding my patient's TCM diagnosis
9) Finished 99% of the organizing for Women's Health Week (coming up in March!)
10) Worked on CCNM's formal committee (an annual formal-dress dance/dinner), keeping the volunteers in track and working on ticket sales (also in March!)
11) Performed my first gynelogical exam on a female patient
12) Performed my first genitourinary exam and digital rectal exam on a male patient
13) Spent a lot of time on my cookbook. Things are now moving along nicely!
Well, it's pretty much smooth sailing from now until the mid-March. Come mid-March I'll get super busy again due to Women's Health Week, formal, and our third and final OSCE exam!


  1. This is amazing, and I'm so thrilled to hear you feel at a place where you're confident enough to not have to panic over exams! So cool! And such a sign you're doing what's right for you!

  2. Thank you for your support! Hope you are well. Hugs.


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