Lemon Water to the Rescue

When life gives you lemons, make lemon water!

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Lemon wate
r is great for:

- liver health (the acid stimulates the liver, boosting its ability detoxification. The liver loves sour and bitter foods).
- cleansing (you'll feel so healthy and pure sipping on clean lemon water. The extra water you'll drink will keep you hydrated and flush out toxins).
- alkalizing the body (believe it or not, but when acidic foods enter the body, they increase the body's pH, making it more alkaline. Bacteria and cancers tend to thrive in acidic environments, so alkalinity is key).
- prepping digestion (restaurants were smart in adding a wedge of lemon to your H2O. The sour nature of the lemon gets the digestive system ready to go).
- adding flavor (it may encourage more water drinking by enhancing its flavor. Goodbye boring water, hello flavorful lemon!).
- providing vitamin C (something we can all use a little more of this time of year)
- cleaning the bowels (if it is drunk on empty stomach, such as early in the morning, it is thought to kill off bacteria in the bowels and break-up mucus).
- adding another fruit to your fruit & veggie count of the day (helping you reach your 5-10).
- treating infections (especially sore throats and toothaches. Gargling strong lemon water soothes the throat).

How to make lemon water:

Squeeze a slice of washed lemon and into a cup of water or place the whole lemon slice into the cup and let it slowly release its juices. Sounds easy, but having lemons on hand and having the time to slice them every morning takes time. So my suggestion is to buy two lemons, slice them each into six slices (after washing them first), then plop them into muffin tins filled with water, then freeze. When fully frozen, store your lemon cubes into a container. Now when you want lemon water, just add a cube to your glass. By taking the time to slice them lemon once, you have twelve days of lemon water ahead of you.

How's that for refreshing?


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